(Julian Hoffmann)
Give us money little girl
Give us money dear old man
Give us money for the music that we play
Give us a place where we can sleep tonight
'Cause we're from another town
Give us love, love, love
Or the number of your mobile phone

And if you have a good time
It's a good time for us too
'Cause we have nothing else to give
We have the style of the old time
The style of New Orleans
And we don't care for the new and better
Yeah give us money for the music that we play
Yeah give us money, money, money
Give us a dollar for the doublebass
A dollar for the bell
For the traps, for the keys, for the voice
Now shake the bell, shake the bell
Shake the bell and let it ring

Now hit the strings and let it slap
Give us a deep and roaring bass

Now hit the keys and let it tinkle
Let the good old ragtime flow

Now hit the drums and let it roll
Let it stomp and let it swing

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