(Julian Hoffmann, Catriona Blanke)
I'm on my way to bed while it's getting late
I leave the shiny grand piano that I've played
and then I traipse along the hallway on the heated floor
at the end I pass a metal door
(Look!) A cat, she's incredibly long
orange skin with sweatbends on
(Bang!) The door slammed, what will you do?
the cat’s in between, I've cut the cat in two

(Oh my god, he killed the kitten)

And this is strange, she looks at me
her gaze is dodgy and finicky
She stretches, stretches and getting thinner
I'm flabbergasted by her manner
(It stinks, it stinks!) It stinks like fart
while a fat lady, longing for tangerine tart
stops on the stairs to catch the scenery
and hurrys further up to the bakery

(Watch out, little moron
you killed the cat, you killed the kitten
Watch out, little moron
you didn't watch, you're to blame)

I'm feeling really crappy, I don't understand
I'm going up the stairs, and round a bend
I see four guys one of them big, one fat, one thin, one small
They're caretakers, wearing overalls
(Hello, hello, hello, hello!
Hey mate, what ya doing?
you crushed the cat, you hurt the pussy
Hey mate, you're so careless
you crushed the cat, crushed the cat)

Well excuse me, I'm the lawyer
(Jack-in-the-box conquers the scene
A little grey man with a briefcase)
For sure my client meant no harm, meant no harm
(For sure his client meant no harm, meant no harm)

Well, my friends, my client meant no harm
(He killed the kitten!)
I'm positive my client will go free
(Where would we be, if everyone did that?)
Just as I said, my client meant no harm
(He hurt our pussy!)
There is no doubt my client will go free

(Oh my god, he killed the kitten, he killed the cat)

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