(Julian Hoffmann, Catriona Blanke)
Break of dawn, the men are still there
and, glasses drained
they wait to become aware
become aware, oh become aware
One will be the strongest in town
but the weaker ones can sometimes
bring you down
bring you down, oh bring you down

Girls and games
The feever of the gambling debt
No gasoline
And neon lights out on the street

A hundred days we've toed the line
but not even in a thousand
you'll be mine
you'll be mine, oh you'll be mine
We've started out in New Orleans
but what they say 'bout south
ain't what it seems
what it seems, ain't what it seems

Rats and cats
A mother and her stillborn child
Still breaking news
And the Lord above will laugh at us
Every single word I've said
the dreams that we have dreamed
will fade away
fade away, oh fade away
You've spiked my arm, but you missed the vein
the curtain falls girl
naught will stay the same
stay the same, oh stay the same

You live and change along the way
the hands of time will turn
to a better day
a better day, oh a better day
You go to sleep, wake up alone
at break of dawn the night
will bring you home
bring you home, oh bring you home

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