(Gesa Winger)
The enthusiasm says good bye after two weeks
Sleep becomes a luxury that everybody needs
Nobody is caring what you possibly can do
Even if you pay attention, tell me, do you have a clou
I don't want to sit inside when sun is shining bright
Or to get up six ... - Gesa was sagst du da? -
I don't want to drive a car six hours in a week
Free time is a foreign word and all I want is sleep
Working, learning, sweating for a thing called Abitur
But if I am honest, I want to enjoy life pure

Now we have to decide
What we'll be, make an advice
But now, how 'bout you
Can't you tell me what to do
Everybody asks you
What will you do after school
But right now
There are so much things that I don't know
We gotta learn
We gotta work
We gotta choose
We gotta search

The year's so fast, could hardly breath
But it's over now at least
I have got to choose
What is right and what will loose
To me it seems
For the future I fall in dreams
I'll have money, have a car
Take a lover, be a star

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