(Gesa Winger)
People and noises
The stressful day
They pass me by
And fade away
Doors close behind me
Get air again
The shop's near by
Say hi to him
A little conversation
Some words, a smile
It feels like home
A little while

I buy a paper
Like every time
How do you do
I think he's fine
Comin' outside
Look down the street
I've got some time
Time that I need
Some children pass
I start to walk
And I can listen
To what they talk
I'm slowing down
And look around
The first raindrops
Fall to the ground
It's getting darker
People hasten by
But I feel good
I don't know why
I hear some music
I want to dance
Maybe later
I'll get a chance

I hear some music
I want to dance
I wanna dance
I want to dance
I want to dance

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