Einleitung aus dem Booklet des JAZZ KINGS-Albums DOWN IN NEW ORLEANS DOWN IN NEW ORLEANS vom März 2007.
It was a very fortunate day, that day in early 2006, when I met Julian "Jule" G. Hoffmann. How was I to know that from that day on I was going to get to know him as a very special person, great musician and amazing producer...

I feel very lucky to have become involved in the 2006 project, the result of which is the album you have in front of you. At first I only tried to give a few language hints, but our working together expanded to my writing lyrics for Julian, correcting his lyrics, listening to quite a few of his songs, writing and singing "MME LESOLEIL LEVANT" together with Julian and last but not least bringing pizza and beer up to the studio where the guys were recording "FALLING", "DOWN IN NEW ORLEANS" and "LEGEND'S PARODIZE". They recorded three days non-stop and would have gone without food or sleep had I not intervened...

Well, who is he, this man, "Jule"? As I said before, first of all I have come to know him as a wonderful person. Working with him is a challenge, because his knowledge of and intuition for music are amazing. He is a very patient person and gently steers the people he is working with towards a good production. Julian is very determined to get his work done and won't rest until a song feels just exactly right. (Want an example? "TAKE ME ALONG TO DIXIELAND" took 58 retakes...!) In the process of making "DOWN IN NEW ORLEANS" he worked on many different levels to really understand and get the feel for Jazz and the situation in New Orleans.

"Jule" has brought together a group of very different musicians, song writers and singers. Each of them tributes in their own special way to "DOWN IN NEW ORLEANS". Together they are known as the Boy Acosha Jazz Kings, and Julian has assembled them in a way which is fascinating and entertaining.

This album is very special in many ways. It is quite new in "Jule's" line of work. His earlier works were influenced by Jazz now and then, but never to this extent. His working under the influence of Louis Armstrong, Glenn Miller, Jelly Roll Morton and more recent interprets like Semmel's Hot Shots, The Beau Hunks and The Dr. Jazz Ambulance has resulted in an album full of memorable tunes, lyrics full of hints and many different forms of Jazz.

Catriona "Trio" Blanke, March 2007